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Take Michelle’s inspirational words with you on your commute, your next business trip, or even your upcoming vacation!

Getting Things Done (book)

Getting Things Done is an in-depth commentary by Patricia Fripp, Michelle Porchia, and more than a dozen other
successful women who want to help you become successful, too. How do busy women get things done? This exceptional compilation shares how resourceful women set goals in life and then accomplish those goals.



Innergize Day, Take Time for Yourself (book)

It may be a quick page turner, but Innergize Day can be that extra boost you need to make positive changes in your attitude and your life. Introduce yourself to the fundamentals of Innergize Day and focus on finding the energy from within. Click Here to Order

Innergize Day, Tap into Your Own Reservoir of Personal Energy (CD)

Are you attached to your iPod, as if you were one unit? Why not load this audio version of Innergize Day into your favorite MP3 or CD player and take Michelle’s reservoir of personal energy and inspirational wisdom with you?

  Getting Well Press Release pre-release 10 Steps to Self-Innergize

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